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Tuesday Flow - Evening workshops

Evening workshops in my Studio - Atelje Flow, Danderyd. Click here for more info!

Find your Flow - 2-3 day workshops


Colorado, US - 17-18 March (Art Journaling)

Norway, Son, - 8-9 September (Find your Flow) (SOLD OUT)

Germany - (not open for registration yet)
Spain - (not open for registration yet)
Portugal - (not open for registration yet)

Find your Flow Workshops Outline

I believe that we all have a well of creativity and inspiration locked within us. We just need to find a key to open up the well and then encourage the flow to stream without obstacles.

When the well is open a state of flow occurs. Flow is the mental state in which a person performing an activity is fully immersed in a feeling of energized focus, full involvement, and enjoyment in the process of the activity.

When you are attending one of my workshops we will together try to unlock our wells and discover these moments of flow. To be brave, to let go, and to trust the process are the keys we will use to unlock the well. We do this by letting go of our inner critique and working through a process of steps that helps us let go and be brave! We will focus on enjoying the process, finding different ways to let go and learning not to get too attached to what we create.

Do you like to paint, to be creative and do you feel that you need new inspiration in your artistic path? Come and join us in a challenging and fun workshop where we all will share our experiences and be part of each other’s inspiration.

We will work on several substrates with different techniques and types of media to find out what makes our heart tick. We will all learn from each other. With the help of simple prompts we will train in letting go of our self-criticism. We will learn several techniques to create ‘grunge’ and not to be too precious about what we create. Sometimes we get too attached and we just need to let go.

If you have any questions regarding the workshops please contact me here!
If you have any questions regarding the venue or area or would like to register to a specific workshop please contact the hosts linked to for each workshop.

I am so looking forward meeting you and have fun together!

Jenny xox


Examples of past classes

Stockholm, Sweden - 20-21 January

Zwolle, Holland - 18-19 November

Son, Norway - 11-12 November (Art Journaling)

Stockholm, Sweden - 30 Sep-1 October, Bonus 2 October

Sweden, Stockholm - 15-17 August (Kids summer camp)

Norway - 5-7 May (Full)

Sweden, Stockholm - 28-29 January

Manitou Springs, Colorado, USA



"I wanted to thank you for the beautiful atmosphere at the workshop. I felt such a belonging. I think I've never felt that kind of belonging except at home. Maybe I was at home :) And you have really an encouraging way to teach, I felt you encouraged me to do my kind of art besides giving me new ideas how to use different tools etc. Thank you so much!"

"I have never been so connected with my work. Thank you Jenny. You have taught me something and I don't even know what it is well it's connection. It's connection with my art place on a deeper level"

"Hi Jenny, I just had to write after watching part of your lesson on Lifebook today. I feel so honoured to be watching you create, and your process is so peaceful and soothing. Such a GORGEOUS lesson, and I'm excited to try to capture some of the grunge myself. Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful self and your beautiful work."


We are all born creative.  To be creative is to think outside the box to approach tasks and problems in a different and innovative way.  It is one of the most important skills children need to succeed academically. Plenty of creative thinking will be needed in the world our children are facing. Children use creativity when they play, write stories or make crafts, but also to solve everyday tasks and complex math problems.

To help our children stay creative we need to let them use their natural curiosity and be playful. We should let them make mistakes and be brave to try new things. We should encourage them to trust themselves and their intuition.

Art is one area where our children can apply these skills.

At the same time it is important that children feel that what they create has real value.  Usually children’s art does not get the respect it deserves and their creative process is often considered very messy.

In my art classes I encourage the kids to focus on the process, to be brave, to follow their own intuition and to have fun. 

I am hosting!

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