20-21 October

2013 > 04

What a fantastic weekend! Full of positive energy, inspiration, laughter and even some tears! I attended one of Monika Welch's workshops in her studio in Kerikeri! This lady has a heart of gold, imagination and inspiration enough for a hundred and a studio full of goodies!


Monika runs her workshops from her home studio, a very inspirational and relaxing place!  6 fantastic ladies attended the workshop and we had such fun. We started out with some word art... not my strong side... and then straight into the intuitive painting process. We had access to all Monika's art supply and OMG this lady has collected some art supply over the years!!! There were several baskets of paint in tubes, jars and bottles, a huge arrange of Golden Fluids, inks, stamps, magazines, fabric, books... you name it, Monika has it! I got to play with some oil sticks... new for me... yummy... great fun! 


The 14 hours return trip was worth every second!! I hope I will be able to attend one of Monika's workshops soon again!


If you are looking for inspiration and ever have the opportunity to attend Monika's workshop DO IT!




7 creative souls!
7 creative souls!
Ohhh, I love this creative "mess"!
Ohhh, I love this creative "mess"!
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Mixed Media on Canvas, 12"x12", SOLD
12"x12", NZD 155
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