Be brave and paint big!

Today my Soul Food Class is going live and I am so very excited:-) 

Painting is my soul food. When I find my flow and I listen to my intuition I get filled with energy, pure soul food!  To find my flow though, I need to let go and turn off my inner critique. I need to trust my inner voice. I find that the larger the canvases I paint the braver I need to be, the more I have to let go and just trust my inner voice.

In my class at Soul Food I am challenging the class, to be brave and paint big and I also challenge them to display thier art! I think that when we challenge ourselves and step outside our comfort zone we grow as artists. We grow in our skills and we grow as individuals.

In my videos I have put together a series of steps to help the class not get stuck in the details when painting big. I hope that somewhere in the process they will find your own flow, let go of their own critique (and even my steps), and just follow their own intuition!

If you think this sounds interesting there is still time to sign up for the fantastic Soul Food 2015 at CommunityThrive! Hope to see you in class:-))


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