Kick-off or Teambuilding

Would your team like to do something different and fun together?
Does your team need some new inspiration and boost your creativity?
 Come and join me in a creative teambuilding workshop that you will remember and talk about!


In this workshop we will play with paint, brushes, paper and collage. We will have a lot of fun and by working through a process of steps we will let go of control and show our vulnerability. This will help us to find the key to our creativity and hopefully discover some moments of flow.  

I believe that we all have a well of creativity and inspiration locked within us.  We just have to find a key to unlock it and encourage it to flow without obstacle. When the well is unlocked, a state of flow occurs. Flow is the mental state in which a person performing an activity is fully immersed in a feeling of energized focus, full involvement, and enjoyment in the process of the activity.

We will work on several backgrounds with different techniques and types of media to find out what makes our heart tick. With the help of simple prompts, we will start to let go of our self-criticism and possibly find our flow in a completely new way.

The workshop can be held in my studio, Ateljé Flow in Danderyd or a place of your choice.

After the workshop, I would love to assemble all the material that you have created during the workshop and make a great piece of art for your office wall. This art piece will be created after your wishes of sized, colours and style.

For more information please contact me here!
Hope to get to work together with you and your team!

Example set up

Creative session
1-2 hours
We paint on paper, canvas boards or wood. We use techniques such as paper collage, mark making with different tools such as stamps and stencils, painting with inks and fluid acrylics.
We have a 1-2 hour break. The participants can have lunch or other activities.
Creative session

1,5 hours
We continue to have fun and finish our paintings.

Where to be?

You are very welcome to my big studio in Danderyd. I have space for up to 12 people being creative at the same time.

I can also come to a place of your choice - an ordinary meeting room will be good enough.

What is included

All material
A final painting to hang in the office.

We can arrange food and beverage to your wishes.
If you have any questions regarding the workshop or would like to book please contact me here.

Final paintings

Selection of customers

"Fantastiskt roligt och givande att få skapa tillsammans. Alla kan verkligen vara med!"